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"Building Georgia's Digital Entertainment Future"

The team at the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University has finally issued their long-awaited economic analysis of the creative industries in the state of Georgia. "Building Georgia's Digital Entertainment Future" supports why I decided to move to Atlanta over Los Angeles 8 years ago: "Georgia appears to have picked a winner in prioritizing media production."

Significantly the study found that:

→ the impact of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act has been felt throughout the state from the Northwest Georgia mountains to Southeast Georgia coast.

→ Georgia leads the nation in diversifying media industry work, from workforce development programs to production of diverse content.

→ both the private and public sectors have embraced the filmed content industry to create infrastructure to support the needs of the industry, from education programs to soundstage development.

Congratulations Brennen Dicker and the entire team at CMII for leading this effort.

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