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Black Women Filmmakers & International Women's Day

It seems fitting for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to publish an article highlighting incredible Black women filmmakers on International Women's Day. That each of the women calls Atlanta home even after finding success in Hollywood is worth noting!

The article highlights Robyn Watson who is doing an incredible job as president of Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA). The organization, for which I serve as board counsel, provides a range of programming and opportunities for novices and long-term professionals alike. It recently took ownership of the Women in Production Summit which Suzan Satterfield and others brought into existence.

The ecosystem of which WIFTA is part, includes incredible filmmakers like cas beedles and her producing partner terri j vaughn riley. Together with others, including Deborah Riley Draper, they formed Reel Divas to build off of the collaborative nature they found in Atlanta.

When I chose Atlanta over Los Angeles nine years ago my primary reason was that I wanted to be part of a community. Atlanta is special because people celebrate the success of others, and when the water rises for one it rises for all. Autumn Bailey-Ford, who I first met through a beloved client who unfortunately passed away pre-pandemic, is a shining example of what brought me back to Atlanta. Through her efforts to build the community through the Get Connected events she built a network not just in Atlanta but in Los Angeles as well.

There is an incredible community of talented Black women living and creating film, television and web content in Atlanta. I am honored to be a member of many of their teams, and a cheerleader for them all.

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