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With over twenty years of experience, Prager Law provides intellectual property and corporate legal services to a wide range of clients.   Significantly, Prager Law crafts solutions specific to each client's needs with a deep understanding of their industries.


  • Software as a Service Providers

  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

  • Apps  

  • Privacy

Film Set



  • Producers & Production  Companies

  • Talent

  • Creators


  • Social Media Agencies

  • Advertising Firms

  • Software Developers


Prager Law offers business clients a full range of legal services relevant to all stages of growth:

  • Entity Formation: Corporation, LLC, Partnership

  • Management Agreements: Operating, Partnership, Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements

  • Employment Agreements: Executive Compensation, Employee Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Corporate Finance: Equity or Debt Financing;

  • Vendor and Supplier Agreements: Manufacturing Agreements, Sales Representative Agreement,

  • Intellectual Property Agreements: Software and Website Development Agreements; Invention Policies and Assignments

  • Trademark Services: Registration, Licensing, Enforcement

  • Copyright Services: Recording, Licensing, Enforcement

  • Patent: Through affiliated counsel Prosecution, Licensing, Enforcement

  • Trade Secret: Policies and Procedures

  • Privacy: Compliance, Policies and Enforcement

  • Regulatory Compliance: Product Safety, Packaging and Marketing Review


Prager Law customizes our services to meet each client's needs. We always start with a strategy session to ensure a full understanding of the project scope, it's history, and it's long term goals. This helps us ensure that we're providing legal and strategic guidance to help our clients succeed. Below is just a small sample of the types of services we perform on a regular basis.


Prager Law appreciates the value of intangible assets and the need to protect them.  Prager Law provides strategic legal advice to clients to identify, protect and enforce their rights.  Prager Law has aided clients on matters ranging from choice of corporate identity and branding to creation of licensing programs.

Prager Law assists clients on a wide range of Intellectual Property matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Advise in brand development;

  • Register trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and manage international registration procedures;

  • Record copyrights with the Copyright Office in the United States;

  • File Intellectual Property assets with the United States Customs and Border Protection;

  • Create and implement intellectual property policies and procedures, including invention policies;

  • Develop and manage anti-counterfeit and anti-knock-off campaigns;

  • Draft licensing agreements for intellectual property assets ranging from software to graphics;

  • Acquire content licenses for digital media platforms;

  • Clear the rights to third party owned intellectual property for use in film, television, music and literature;

  • Address Right of Publicity matters;

  • Manage the patent registration process through outside counsel


Prager Law has significant experience advising clients on matters related to advertising and marketing.  Advertising and marketing law encompasses everything from product safety to data privacy.  Nancy Prager has advised clients who manufacture products ranging from consumer electronics to toys and offer services ranging from health websites to web hosting on advertising and marketing legal issues.

Prager Law provides the following Advertising and Marketing services to clients:

  • Advises on product safety testing requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

  • Reviews product packaging for compliance with regulations

  • Reviews advertising copy for Truth in Advertising compliance

  • Drafts terms of service crafted specifically for client’s website

  • Creates and implements privacy policies and procedures in compliance with the laws of the United States, European Union and other jurisdictions

  • Represents clients before state and federal regulatory agencies on emerging issues

  • Drafts contest, promotions and sweepstakes rules

From data collection issues to packaging review, Prager Law appreciates the importance of the details whether in a contract or the side of a box!


Prager Law has a unique perspective on the needs of clients in the entertainment and new media industries.  From the intricate relationships between parties to the complex rights structures of many deals, Prager Law has advised clients on pre-production issues to legacy matters.  Prager Law recently opened an office in Atlanta to provide its services to the burgeoning film, television and digital entertainment industries in Georgia.

Among other services Prager Law provides entertainment and new media clients, Prager Law:

  • Form special purpose/single purpose vehicles for productions;

  • Acquire rights to third party works for screenwriters and producers;

  • Advise on qualifying for state tax incentives;

  • Prepare fundraising agreements, including private placements;

  • Counsel on alternative crowdfunding options for productions;

  • Prepare location, equipment and other production agreements;

  • Draft and negotiate talent, crew and above the line agreements;

  • Clear copyright and trademark;

  • Draft and negotiate distribution agreements;

  • Serve as on-the-ground counsel during productions.


Prager Law works as a subject matter expert alongside litigation counsel when necessary if we are unable to resolve a controversy through alternative means. We remain actively involved with our clients and the case to help protect their interests and continue to work towards the best possible solution.

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